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Waste minimization is the idea of preventing waste rather than trying to get rid of it. When you design waste out of the process, your company can
prevent resources from being wasted. Waste minimization will involve changes in three key areas.

1. Change your inputs: Use your resources more efficiently. Replace inefficient systems, products, and materials with more efficient ones.
2. Change your processes: Introduce clean technology or improve operating practices. Improve equipment or change the layout and current
inefficient processes.
3. Change your outputs: Your outputs can include your products and your waste. Reduce environmental impacts by designing new systems. Separate
waste materials for resource recovery and savings.

Waste minimization will help your company improve profits, reduce waste, and sustain the environment. In today's environmentally-conscious world, companies need
to improve their environmental performance.

RCT is a leader in solving the problems associated with solid and hazardous waste management. We've gained our environmental and regulatory management skills
on a wide variety of projects for our industrial, legal, and financial clients. All of our personnel are well-trained, highly skilled professionals that conduct thorough
investigations, along with designing technical solutions for each site.

RCT specializes in waste minimization. We have the ability to investigate a chemical process and determine each point of waste generation as well as the expertise
to analyze the best method to minimize whatever the amount of waste.

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Waste Minimization