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Hazardous waste comes in many shapes and forms. It is up to each corporation to manage their waste through reducing, reusing,
and recycling. A program that incorporates these ideas is Product Stewardship which is the front-runner in waste minimization.
Product stewardship is a product-centered approach to environmental protection. Also known as extended product responsibility
(EPR), product stewardship calls on those in the product life cycle--manufacturers, retailers, users, and disposers--to share
responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of products.

RCT prides itself on establishing usable outlets for materials that were once regulated as
hazardous wastes, special chemical wastes, or an industrial trash. These conversions to
products are beneficial for both the client and the environment.

There is almost always a cost saving associated with the new product or by-product

The waste minimization potential for reporting waste is a big plus in most situations

The reduction in the filling of landfill space, incinerator capacity, or wastewater
treatment technologies promotes protection of the environment

Please complete the Beneficial Reuse Profile or contact us to evaluate any waste streams for potential product

Almost everything we do leaves behind some kind of waste. Households create ordinary garbage,
while industrial and manufacturing processes create both solid waste and hazardous waste.

The EPA regulates all this waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
The main goals of the RCRA are to:

Conserve energy and natural resources by recycling and recovery

Reduce or eliminate waste

Protect us from the hazards of waste disposal

Clean up waste which may have spilled, leaked, or been improperly disposed of